Hello. Hopefully you're reading this before exploring the site, but you've probably already been all round it so er.. well anyway. A few things which need to be said. They are as follows.

The Quanternet has been written and produced on a non-profit making basis by a team of slightly trained and disturbed personalities. These pages are in no way endorsed or owned by Scripture Union or the organisers of the camps featured (at time of writing). If you have reason why a photo, video or other content should not appear on the site, please contact us. If you wish to use material on these pages, you may, although we would appreciate some acknowledgement if you do. The opinions of the writers are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of anyone else.

If you do have any better quality scanned pictures or original photos and you would like to donate them, please email us with the details and we will try to arrange something. Any contributions, comments or suggestions are always gratefully received.

Oh, and we didn't write any of the comments at the bottom of the pages. An independent loony was hired for a day during which he wrote them. Lacking anything else to put at the bottom of pages, we had to use them. He was paid according to the minimum wage policy and was treated well during his time here.

The Quanternet staff