The Quanternet (www.quantpole.co.uk) is the site for Harriers, Mallards and Kestrels, which are Christian sailing holidays in the Norfolk Broads, England, run at different times of the year by Scripture Union (and various teams of dedicated and hard working volunteers).

Each cruise varies slightly in terms of when they happen, what they do and how old you have to be to join in, but the main aims remain the same: to learn more about God, meet new friends and have a fun week of sailing.

More specific information about each holiday, including dates, prices and booking information, can be found from the links above.

Why come?

Because Kestrels, Mallards and Harriers are holidays with a plus! You will have a great and memorable holiday that you will want to talk about for long afterwards and want to come again (just ask the person who typed all this in). You will also find that you grow in your Christian faith.

Where will I stay?

Kestrels and Harriers sleep aboard cabin yachts at various prearranged mooring sites. Mallards sleep in tents in the grounds of a school in the heart of Broadland. The Norfolk Broads area is designated as a National Park.

What goes on?

On Kestrels and Harriers we live on the boats and share in all the things which go to make up life on board, whether it be sailing, cooking, eating, or preparing for the daily boat inspection. Every morning after breakfast each crew spends some time studying the Bible led by the skipper. In the evening we all meet to consider some aspects of the Christian faith and it's relevance to life today and round off the evening with a fun session (Logs and Shanties).

Mallards have a variety of land based activities as well as going out on the boats daily. During the day the boats sail the rivers and Broads under the supervision of experienced Skippers who show the crew how to handle the boats and ensure they learn to sail (or sail better). Every safety precaution is taken and buoyancy aids are always worn when sailing.

What shall I sail?

Kestrels and Harriers sail cabin yachts, Mallards sail half-deckers, all designed to cope with the rivers, Broads and bridges of the Norfolk Broads. Some are modern glass fibre yachts and others are magnificent wooden boats built in the 1930s. All of them are well maintained and the cabin yachts are equipped for living and sleeping aboard. Mallards sail 20 foot open boats with some decking during the day and return to their camp in the evenings.

I've never handled a boat before!

There is no need to worry as each yacht, dingy, motor cruiser or launch is in the charge of a competent adult. You will enjoy working in a team with others in your crew. If you have sailed before there are plenty of opportunities to improve your skills and you will find it interestingly different from sailing on the sea or on a dingy on a lake. HOWEVER you must be able to swim at least 50 metres.

Are there any extra costs?

Basically just the cost of travel to and from Norfolk. Scripture Union holidays are run on a non-profit making basis.

How do I apply?

Visit the Scripture Union website and look up the holiday you require, where you'll find more information and the ability to book online.

The above text is taken from the official texts written about the Scripture Union sailing camps available on the Norfolk Broads. Reproduced without permission. Last updated 11/4/2002.