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  • kestrels
  • Ages: 13 - 16 (mixed)
  • Capacity: 17
  • Dates: Sat 5th April to Sat 12th April 2014
  • Fee: £215
  • Leader: Andrew Edmondson, Sarah Butlin, Tore Butlin


Do you consider yourself a real man? Or, for that matter, a real woman? Or perhaps just a pale shadow of a being, afraid of such petty trifles as constant rain, flooded moorings and frostbite to the point of requiring medical attention? Then be witness to the triumph of human struggle against adversity that is Kestrels. A weeks sailing in conditions that no sane person would ever voluntarily succumb to. A titanic battle against the elements, just you, the boat, and some other similiarly mad people. Kestrels sailors, we salute you.

What is Kestrels?

Kestrels is a Christian sailing holiday run by Scripture Union on the Norfolk Broads. Unlike Harriers and Mallards, which are run in the summer, Kestrels is run at Easter. Although it is sometimes colder, the weather usually features more wind than in the summer, and therefore provides the opportunity for better sailing. Kestrels sail on traditional Broads cabin yachts to a new mooring each day, where they will spend the night. Tough questions about Christianity are explored during morning Quiet times and evening cabin clubs. And there's always Logs and Shanties at the end of the day to finish things off.