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  • mallards
  • Ages: 11 - 14 (boys)
  • Capacity: 30
  • Dates: Sat 2nd August to Sat 9th August 2014
  • Fee: £TBD (last year was 217)
  • Leader: Tristan Booth, Vicki Sellick


Oh, to be in Norfolk, now that summer's here. To jump and skip, with sun-burned ears. Those words sum up exactly nothing about Mallards. Apart from the sunburn. But you get that on Harriers too (but only if you're foolish enough to not wear suncream). Hmm. Well, the younger ones amongst the keen of sailing may find Mallards more to their taste. In fact, many a seasoned Harrier began their time on the Broads here, sailing little half-deckers by day, snoozing blissfully under canvas by night. And who can turn down the offer of having their cooking done for them for the week? Certainly not the skippers, who flock there yearly.

What is Mallards?

Mallards is a sailing holiday for younger boys run by Scripture Union on the Norfolk Broads. Unlike Harriers and Kestrels, Mallards sleep in tents on the playing field of a primary school and travel to and from the boats each morning and afternoon. As well as sailing to a different place each day and learning about sailing, Mallards get to play games on the field and often play wide games on the beach, along with some other non-sailing activities. Evening sessions are designed for specific age groups to teach them more about God. Afterwards, Logs and Shanties offers a chance to retell the stories of the day and have a good sing- song, quite often in tune.