I cannot sail

to the tune of 'Londonderry Air'
I cannot sail across the open broadland,
Or gently quant along a narrow dyke,
Or watch the sunset in its golden splendour,
And not give thanks to him who made it all.
But this I know, the God who made such beauty,
Loves each of us, amazing though it seems,
And gave Himself to suffer and be crucified,
Our Lord, our maker, master, crucified for us.

I cannot tell why He who makes the sun to rise,
And lays the mist each dawn across the fields,
And sends the gentle breeze to keep us sailing,
Why He should love the likes of you and me.
But this I know, His love can help the helpless,
And sets us free from all our guilt and shame,
And give us hope to face the future fearlessly,
For Christ is with us, loves us, and He'll never fail.

It's strange to think that He who made the universe,
The stars that shine so clearly from the sky,
The flowers and birds we see around about us,
That he's our Father, each of us his child.
But this I know, He longs that we should turn to Him,
And trust our lives into His loving care,
His love's so great you cannot just ignore it,
So think now Harrier, Harrier, won't you love him too?