A Gallant Young Harrier/Mallard/Kestrel

to the tune of 'My Tarpaulin Jacket'
A gallant young Harrier/Mallard/Kestrel lay dying.
And as in the cabin he lay, he lay,
To the Harriers/Mallards/Kestrels who round him were sighing.
These last touching words he did say...

Wrap me up in my dirty sail-cover.
And say a poor Harrier/Mallard/Kestrel lies low, lies low,
Don't bury my bones on a lee bank.
For that would awake me, I know.

Take the tiller from out of my vertebrae.
The boom from out of my brain, my brain.
The anchor from out of my kidneys,
And assemble Sabrina/Wood Argus/Wood Sorrel again.

Don't attribute my death to an accident.
Don't tell of a gybe that I died, I died.
Just say that the boom hit a guide post,
As to keep to the channel I tried.