Logs and Shanties


Hit Duckies

by Ali, Tim, Finn, Chris, Nathan and Piers / mallards 2013

I'm a little Hazelnut

by Jenny, Tim, Liam, Gilby and Danny / mallards 2013

The Wood Avens pun-tacular

by Jacob, Anni, Jack, Sam and Andy / mallards 2013

Our squash is greater

by Jonathan, Matthew, Callum, Ed and Ruth / mallards 2013


to the tune of 'YMCA' by the Village People
by Rachel, James, Pete and Sam / mallards 2013

What it's like to be Ali's mate

by Tim / mallards 2013

The Becky and Sam show - dinner dates

by Becky and Sam / mallards 2013

We are the Mallards cooks

by the cooks / mallards 2013

A very Mallards wedding

by Vicki and Andy / mallards 2013

Tris will you take Rach to be your skipper?
Will you wake her, radio her, take a line and tow her?
and, forsaking all building projects, be faithful to her as long as you both shall sail?

I will.

Rachel will you take Tris to be your commie?
Will you help him, caffienate him, make crumpets and feed him?
and, forsaking all bunting projects, be faithful to him as long as you both shall sail?

I will.

I, Tristan Booth, do take you Rachel Mote to be my lawful wedded skipper.
To heave and to hove,
in aft and in forwd,
for windier, for calmer,
in sunshine and in rain,
to luff and to close reach,
til faulty radios part us
according to cruise law.
In the presence of Mallards I make this vow.

I, Rachel Mote, do take you Tristan Booth, to be my lawful wedded commie.
I give you this string as a sign of our Mallards
with my undamaged boat I honour you,
all that I hove I give to you,
and all of my spare biscuits I share with you.
Within the love of the cruises, Harriers, Kestrels and Mallards.

In the presence of you all, and before this logs and shanties,
Tris and Rach have given their consent
and made their Mallards vows to each other.

They have declared their Mallards by the joining of quants and by the giving and receiving of string.

I therefore proclaim them commie and skipper.
You may miss the tide.

Tim's list

by Tim / mallards 2013