Logs and Shanties


We're the crew that you want

to the tune of 'You're the one that I want', from Grease
by Ruth / kestrels b 2006
I've got reefs, they're multiplying,
And I'm losing my quantpole
With the wind speeds we're supplying,
It's terrifying!

Better shape up, (oo oo ooo)
Cos we need to sail (need to sail)
To keep us moving on the broads,
Better take down, (oo oo ooo)
Our main sail (main sail)
Before we've gone aground,
Are you sure, are you sure
That your skipper's vice-commodore?

We are the crew that you want,
We are the crew that you want,
Hustler, 2 and 4!
We are the crew that you want,
We are the crew that you want,
Hustler, 2 and 4!
We're the crew that you need
Oh yes indeed

Log from Wood Morrell

by Jenny / kestrels b 2006

After a so far adventurous week, I, Indiana Baby, decided it was time to explore the fabled 'Wood Morrell'. Within minutes of my arrival I was stripped of all clothing and hung by my neck from the boom! But, I didn't really mind this as I was quite soggy from the depths of the river - punishment from the evil Hustler Crew!

When I was quite dry it was time to set off. We had hardly left the bank when I decided I would pursue the Mate Adam's enthusiasm on the topic of Marine Exploration! The skipper, Mo, kindly attached a safety harness so I could continue with the exploration in safety. At first the exploration was a disaster - I got stuck. I think I had eaten too much cake and perhaps custard. After a minor adjustment to my harness I began the great exploration! 4 times round and round the boat I went. I had to check for the barnacles that were intact and that a good thick layer of anti-foul paint was lining the boat. On my exploration of the deep I found: a grill pan, many teaspoons, an assortment of saucepan lids, burgees (of all things - who would be that careless to lose their burgee?), crutches and an unidentifiable item of clothing that could possibly pass as Luke's socks or boxers!

I decided 4 times under was enough for today as I had begun to bleed in the places where the barnacles were the most scratchy (this blood was later discovered to only be anti-foul paint!). I spent a lot of the morning sunbathing and breathing deeply with Jen on the cabin roof.

At about quarter to 11 yesterday by Mo's watch we decided it was time for extreme exploration of the sporting kind. It was time for a spot of gybe-diving! The first attempt was a flop so I made my crew practise their man-over-board skills to retrieve me, confusing them a little by swimming every now and then! Then it was time for the big one. We waited for a large gust of wind and then I was off KABOOM!! I was catapulted over a post and went flying across the open broad land to the cheers of my crew. We did this a couple more times before calling it a day as I was getting slightly cold.

In Wood Anemone

to the tune of the opening theme from 'the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'
by Luke and Matt C / kestrels b 2006
In Wood Anemone sworn and crazed in the cabin is where I ground most of my maize,
Percolating, straining and a getting a brew on,
Steaming and grinding and roasting those beans when a couple of gybes made me sick in my pud,
Started making stains on my cabin hood,
I got in one little crash and my skipper got scared and said
You're moving with your aunty and uncle on Hustler 2
I radioed the crusier and when it came near, the license plate said fool - i knew that Alex was near. Ow!
If anything i could say that this cruiser was green but i thought nah, forget it i'm colourblind,
I moored up to the yacht about 7 (8 cruise time) and i yelled to the commy 'Anemone smell ya later',
Looked at my quantpole and i was finally there goodbye Anemone i'm prince of Hustler 2.