Logs and Shanties


A song for Trevor

to the tune of 'Away in a manger'
by Andy and Rob / kestrels b 2003
Asleep on a cruiser
No boudoir for Trev
The little-tached Commie
Has a sofa instead
The talkative Tigger looks down from his spot
At Commodore Trevor aslee-eep on Snot.

The Kestrels are snoring as Trevor awakes
But creeping 'long mudbanks no noises he makes
He leaps onto stern decks and jumps up and down
Shouting at skippers, as one we all frown,

Believe us, oh Trevor, we wish you could stay
Close by us forever with gadgets to play
But sadly you're leaving, to retirement you must
You'll come back and see us in the future we trust.