Logs and Shanties


An Ode to the fender

to the tune of 'Who, O Lord, could save themselves' - to be sung with fervour and preferably with suitable gestures of heart-wrenching
harriers b 2011
Every year on Harriers B, the Norfolk Broads play host
To people singing heartily and burning all their toast

Around the boat are many things they need to understand:
The crutches, mop, the ronds and springs and shrouds to lend a hand
But the fender matters most!

You alone can fend us, you alone can squidge!
You alone can save us from THAT bridge!
Nothing quite as buoyant or inflammable;
Fenders how your love is bountiful!

The fender is a noble thing and each abuse is felt!
The only mention in our songs is used as an insult -
How we love your handsome shape!


Quick fenders in! Quick fenders out! Everyone shout! (x4)